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Has your business been affected by the recent floods?




Across Colorado several businesses have been affected by the recent floods. The Colorado bt365亚洲版官网 Network is here to help your business with the recent disasters including wildfires and floods. 如果你有问题, 担忧, or need guidance please contact your local bt365亚洲版官网 for assistance through the disaster loan applications, 长期规划, 保险导航, physical and economic loss estimations, business preparedness and more.

The NEECCO bt365亚洲版官网 and several others across the state are partnering with the SBA Disaster Assistance to host Business Recovery Centers.

Greeley will have the Recovery Center at the Greeley Chamber of Commerce on September 26th (9:00 am- 6:00 pm) , 27日(上午9时至下午6时) , 及28日(上午9时至下午1时) .

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